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There are different types of pipes that are used in a household. If you look around, you will notice these pipes in your home:

    – Iron pipes which are used to connect faucets from the clean water source.
    – Plastic pipes which are often used in the kitchen and gardens.
    – Steel pipes which are used to collect rainwater.
    – PVC, earthenware and other types of pipes for sewage systems.

Have you noticed any of these signs in your sewage system lately?

    – Bath or basins are very slow to drain
    – There are gurgling or bubbling sounds when using the bath and toilet
    – There is a foul smell when using the toilet
    – The sewage gully has overflow
    – The water in the toilet rises

If so, it is understandable that you may feel worried because pipe problems often mean expensive and extensive plumbing work. The good news is that we now offer a trenchless pipe replacement method that has less work and cost involved.

What is this new pipe repair method?

In recent years, a new option has become available – a trenchless rehabilitation method called pipe relining. This technology involves fitting a smaller pipe into the bigger, damaged one. The process can be used for pipes of varying diameters.

How is pipe relining done?

We do the following to execute this method:

Partial pipe cleaning. Our professionals first partially clean the pipes using a high pressure water jetter.

CCTV inspection. The next step is inserting a video camera for inspection. This helps in detecting where the problem areas are and to assess the overall condition of the pipes.

Second round of pipe cleaning. Once the work has been confirmed to go ahead, the pipes will be thoroughly cleaned. During this stage, the affected pipes will be cleared of any obstructions, including tree roots.

Installation of pipe liner. After cleaning, a pipe liner of fibreglass or cloth tube is inserted and dragged into the pipe.

Expanding the pipe liner. This pipe liner is then inflated with the use of an inflating device to make sure that the epoxy resin attaches firmly to the damaged pipes.

Curing of pipe liner. The curing process will take a few hours. Steam is also used to aid in the curing process.

Final CCTV inspection. Once the resin has set, another video inspection is conducted to ensure the quality of work.
What are the benefits of pipe relining?

Pipe relining is a relatively new process but many clients have already experienced its great and numerous benefits, such as the following:

Pipe relining is cost-effective. It is a good option for those who want to save on the plumbing costs and not have to worry about forking out money to repair damaged landscapes, as is often required with excavation.

It involves less hassle. As mentioned, pipe relining does not involve the messy excavation and replacement processes that disrupt the landscape of your house.

Pipe relining can be done in a day. Unlike traditional pipe replacement methods, pipe relining can be done in just a day or even less. Your sewage system can be used efficiently again once the pipe relining process has been completed.

Pipe relining resin is durable. You can be assured that the pipes are protected from tree roots because of the new internal pipe. It can also last for up to 5 decades.

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