Types of Thermostatic Controls for Hot Water Heating Systems

Hot water and heating are essential for every home. With controlled usage, the bills can be kept at a minimum while still enjoying the convenience of a heating system.


Modern central heating systems, heat the hot water cylinder via a fully pumped circuit, but older systems use gravity system which relies on the thermostat to control temperature. This takes a while to reheat and chances of scalding are high. Some of the thermostatic controls that can be installed to ensure efficient operation of the hot water system are:


Time switch

One is able to control when the heating system operates. The timer optimizes usage by switching the on/off of the heater at prescribed times to ensure one has hot water when desired. This timer reduces wastage and helps save a lot on bills. The thermostat controls the temperature.


Cylinder Thermostat

It controls the temperature in the cylinder, ensuring that water does not exceed the set temperature. Once the desired temperature is reached, the heater automatically turns off. The temperature is normally set between 60-65 degrees, which is high enough to kill bacteria.


Room Thermostat

This device controls room temperature. The programmable version combines the functions of a time switch, making it conserve more energy. It sends hot air around the house and once the desired temperature is reached, a message is sent to the boiler and central heating pump to stop.


Boiler Thermostat

This controls water in heaters and temperature should be set as per manufacturer guidance.


A Programmer

A control panel that enables one to set temperature and timings when heating and hot water should be on/off. The programmer is either digital or a time clock depending on the age of the system.


Thermostatic Radiator Valves

These devices are fitted to individual heaters and automatically close the flow of water when the desired temperature is reached. They are fitted in every room that has a heater apart from the bathroom where the room thermostat is placed.