Safest Gas Hot Water Heater

The moment you install a storage tank hot water heater, it is very essential to consider the area by which this device will be installed. Even if you want to have other types of water heaters, you have to secure the foundation as it is very crucial for the long haul of your heater’s operation and for your welfare and safety as well.


In the event that there’s no manual for the installation of your device, contact the manufacturer and ask for the installation guidelines for the particular model you have(you can also obtain the manual online).


The guidelines that comes along with the device is very important. It is only imperative that you should follow all what is being stated in the manual as not following all of the instructions carefully could put your life in danger!


As a general rule, you should not put a water heater in any area where gas, flammable vapors, liquids, and materials are also located. Such installation can create explosions and can be very dangerous. However, in the case that you do not have any other option, you must follow after these rules.


1. How high should the water heater be raised from off the floor?


The garage or any confined area is not the best zone for the water heater to be installed. Yet very often it is the common place where this device ends up.  Ignition outlets (pilot, electronic igniter, hot heater igniter, etc.) must be 18 inches from the floor.


The same standard applies to water heaters that have been introduced in rooms adjacent to the garage like a storeroom or a utility room. This is because there’s a likelihood that the doors separating these rooms confines the environment where the water heater is installed.


2. Water heater ignition outlet must be 18″ from the floor, a distance where flammables are secured.


In the event that you’re installing the water heater in an area where flammable materials are also stored, then you should follow the 18 inches rule. Do your best to find an elevated part in the room so the ignition outlet is no short of 18 inches from the floor. If there’s none, you can make an elevated platform to install the water heater. Just see to it is able to support the weight of the water heater and the foundation is stable enough so it will not rock the device.


The common scenario in our homes is that we often put unused stuffs in our utility or storerooms. Things we don’t necessarily need, we stock them there. Among these are paints, various cleaning chemicals, kerosene, and other combustible materials. Is this how your utility rooms look like? Then you’re not alone.


There are also spills that can occur on your storerooms. That’s why it is very important to put chemical plastic containers away from water heaters as they will melt the moment they absorb the heat emitted by the heaters. Thus, explosions are very imminent once the chemicals in them will get inside the burners. So take a good look and examine the base of your water heater if there aren’t any spills. By the time you see spills, take it out of the room and do not just shove it aside.