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Miguel likes to take time off each year and travels somewhere where he can be pampered and just relax. He likes tropical countries where he can sit under swaying palm trees and read a good book, where there is no or little access to the internet, where he can escape and recharge his batteries.

This week had been particularly stressful. The client had made some many changes to the project it was getting ridiculous. Miguel had to battle on however because this client was a good client and the prospect of extra work was too good to ignore.

The long weekend was coming up and Miguel was looking forward to a few days off to relax. He decided that he would indulge in a nice hot bath as the next two days would be very busy before the long weekend. He started running the bath and walked out of the bathroom to fetch a clean towel.

Upon his return he was a bit taken aback by the colour of the water in the bath, it was a brown, rusty shade. He turned off the taps and drain out the bath. He put the plug back in and started again. To his horror the water was brown. His heart sank as he knew that he could not take a bath with water like that. He decided to look up the problem on his laptop and found a website that said it might be a faulty hot water tank. He searched for a local plumber in Redfern and found Your Neighbourhood Plumber Redfern and called them.

The plumber explained that it sounds like a rusted hot water tank and asked Miguel to check the plate on the tank for the model and year of the tank. The plumber advised him that the tank was over 12 years old and he would more than likely need a new one. Miguel organised an early morning appointment with the plumber who was able to bring a replacement tank with him as Miguel was able to provide him information last night.

Miguel advised his office he would be a few hours late but they knew Miguel would make up the time so they were understanding that these things happen when you least expect it. The Redfern Plumber was very organised and really made Miguel feel like he had made the right choice of Tradesman; he even took the old tank away.

For a local Plumber in Redfern who knows Hot Water call 0423 603 824 for any plumbing issue, whether it’s an emergency, maintenance or repair.

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