Pipe Insulation, Repairs & Replacements

During the winter months, especially when those really cold snaps arrive, (some of them can last for weeks on end) unless we leave the heating on all the time, which just isn’t a viable option for many during difficult financial times and with energy prices so high, there can often be the worry of pipes freezing and then, even worse, bursting. If pipes do burst, not only does it make life very difficult in the home until they are repaired or replaced, but the actual cost of doing so can be very expensive.


With all that in mind, a more sensible option might be to get the water pipes (both hot and cold) insulated. This will protect the pipes from the harshest weather and should prevent any sort of freezing that might lead to burst water pipes.


There are several different kinds of pipe insulation but the most common are basically sleeves made from foam. This is probably the easiest kind of insulation to work with as it can be easily manipulated around the pipes and ensures that even those areas that are really difficult to reach can be treated and protected.


If you are really useful around the home and you know that your DIY skills are high, this might be a job you can perform yourself, meaning that the only cost would be for the necessary equipment, which can be bought for relatively little money. Installation is fairly straight forward and the lagging itself can be secured into place with relative ease using something like an alloy foil tape. However, if you are not sure or not confident, it’s definitely something you should leave to a professional and of course, prices will vary depending on who you hire.


Are there other benefits to be found from insulating your hot and cold water pipes? Yes, with fuel prices so high and winters so cold, energy bills soon build up and at the end of the quarter, we are often horrified when we see the bill come in! Pipe insulation could help you save money, especially over a longer period. Once it is fitted, especially to your hot water pipes, it means that less of the heat from them will be lost into the atmosphere, which in turn means your rooms will stay longer and your system doesn’t have to work as hard to maintain the desired temperature.


So, bearing all of the above in mind, it has to be well worth seeking out the best way to do pipe insulation, repairs & replacements for your water pipes this winter.