Trenchless Sewer

Trenchless sewer is termed as a collection of methods, equipment and materials that are used for the installation of new or for the replacement or rehabilitation of existing underground infrastructural systems with minimum disruption to surface traffic, businesses or other activities.


Trenchless sewer technology have been in use for a long time. There are major reasons as to why the technology is used to other piping systems. Trenchless technology is majorly used for underground utilities ranging from water, gas or even by industrial pipeline industries. This technology is most preferred in urbanized areas with much traffic and numerous underground utilities due to the minimum disruption it causes to ongoing activities. It is best used for crossed roadways or other transport corridors or even waterways. Areas where surface restriction is inaccessible is more suitable for this trenchless technology.


Trenchless techniques has become popular among many different homeowners. Techniques used for installation and repair of trenchless piping systems are pipe bursting and pipe lining. Installation of pipelines which are mostly flexible piping coated with resin is done by qualified experts. To replace damaged pipeline systems, the flexible pipes are blown or pulled into the damaged pipe and inflated. The resin hardens after some time creating another pipe in a pipe.


Another method used is pipe bursting. It involves pulling a new pipe through a damaged pipe breaking it outwards. However pipe bursting and lining are equally durable and come with long and reasonable warranties.

Most trenchless sewer installations are made when old piping systems become damaged. In case of emergencies the pipes are often replaced or repaired. However, it is advisable to do regular checks on the piping systems and replace those that are damaged and old.


For services of trenchless sewer installations and damage repairs, there are companies that have specialized in this technique. The plumbers and civil engineers involved in the installations, repairs and maintenance can be readily contacted for their services.