How to Unblock a Blocked Drain Yourself

One of the most dreaded occurrences for most people is a blocked drainage at home or at the office. This is not only because of the smell, but also because of flooding, inconveniences and health repercussions it may have. The most common cause of blockages is such as leaves and dirt. As a result, keeping the compound clean is the first step to preventing this. If however you get yourself in such a situation, this guide will come in handy.


If you have a blocked drainage, you will have to act fast before the problem becomes more complex. The first step to this procedure is identifying the part where the blockage is. Lift the top of the chamber that is nearest to the house and check if it is full of water. If it is not, then the problem is in the pipe between that drain chamber and the house. If however it is full of water, then the problem is further down the drainage closer to the main sewer. Locate the next drain chamber and so on until you locate where the problem is.


After identifying the problem area, you will have to acquire equipment such as drain rods with plunger and screw ends to enable you unblock the drain. These are purchased at plumbing stores. Screw the drain rods together with the plunger end and push them towards the blockage area. Be sure however to rotate the equipment in a clockwise manner so as not to unscrew the rods.


Add rods to the initial length of the rod until you get to feel a resistance in the pipe. When you get to the blockage, move the equipment back and forth until you feel the blockage give way and water starts flowing again. Some of the cause of the blockage may float to the surface. Remove them having protective gloves on your hands.


Afterwards, run some hot water in the house to clean the pipes. To prevent the blockage in the future, you could invest in a drain tidy and cover the open ends of pipes. This will prevent the entry of items that may cause blockages.


However, if for some reason the above process does not work for you, be sure to contact professional plumbing services . They will surely use their prowess to get rid of the problem for you.