6 Great Diy Ways to Unblock A Drain

Clearing a blocked drain can be both a great chore and a headache at the same time. But with all the DIY wonders, you can now decide what are the proper actions to be taken to initiate this challenging task. With this, there are 6 great diy ways to unblock a drain.


1. The Easy and quick method


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2. Hot Water method


In the event that it’s basically oil or chemical, a person can take on the task of unblocking using hot water. Using natural chemicals is furthermore an extraordinary method of doing this. Putting half measure of salt and baking soda, one glass of vinegar and one pot of hot water will do the trick.


3. Chemical method


Many people are convinced that another way to effectively clear a blocked drain is thru the use of chemical such as caustic soda. Pour these substances to the blocked drain and then leave it for about 20 minutes. After, you can pour cold water and the block will be washed away.


4. Plunger option


You can’t go past the old and reliable plunger to drive the block away from the channel. When plunging, cover the drain with a semi soaked fabric to seal it and avoid water from splashing on the sides and make the pumping method effective.


5. Drain Blaster


Shoving down a drain blaster down the blocked channel is guaranteed to empty all blockages. However, there can also be an adverse effect of the blasting as it will possibly damage the pipes as well.


6. Snake method


You can purchase a drain auger from most plumbing stores, however be careful when utilizing this device as this can be dangerous if not used properly. This device can unblock mostly everything that comes in its way. Just be careful because it can scratch inner the surface of your drain during its use.


Lastly, a person should ensure that they wear preventive gear during the endeavor. Practice also cleanliness after using all the 6 great diy ways to unblock a drain.