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Plumber Redfern Services

Plumber Redfern Blocked Drains

Blocked Drains

The breakfast rush had finally died down. It was always busy on Saturdays, with locals taking their friends and pets for a morning stroll. The waitress finished ferrying in the last lot…
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Plumber Redfern Hot Water

Hot Water

Tiffany was at work when her daughter called. The hot water stopped working! It had happened before and had fixed itself. Tiffany told her daughter to simply wait for a bit…
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Plumber Redfern Emergency Plumbing

Emergency Plumbing

Donna dialled the number for the Redfern Plumber, watching as her husband desperately tried to turn off the tap. When he realised that wasn’t working, he raced outside to turn the…
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Plumber Redfern Pipe Relining

Pipe Relining

When your existing sewer pipes have been damaged your local Plumber Redfern can repair the damaged section by using pipe relining. This alternative offers you a more environmentally…
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Fact About Redfern

Plumber Redfern Fact
Redfern located on the fringe of the Sydney CDB is a community heavily influenced by the eclectic mix of Artists, Architects, University students, back packers from around the world, culturally, ethnically and economically diverse individuals who together have created a truly unique village atmosphere.

Redfern embraces the café culture is the place to be for classic pubs and small bar scenes. The historical Eveleigh railyards, converted in recent years to the vast, multi-venue space known as Carriageworks. The diverse program here features dance parties, festivals, music and theatre.

Many residents living in established areas in Sydney have reported reductions in water pressure. This could be due to the use of galvanised steel pipes in residential plumbing in most homes built before the 1970’s. The galvanised steel pipe has an expected life span of about 40 – 50 years and will eventually need to be replaced. One of the problems with galvanized steel pipe is it corrodes from inside causing a decrease in water flow. The pipe corrodes from the inside and gets smaller and smaller eventually blocking the water supply.

What do you do if your house has galvanised pipe installed? Call Plumber Redfern, and we can inspect your pipes and if required we can rerun them in PVC to ensure you have free flowing clean drinking water again.

Plumber Redfern tradesmen have diverse training to cater for all of your plumbing needs such as:

Taps repairs or replacement

Toilet repair or replacement

Rainwater tanks installation and repair

Hot water repairs or replacement

Shower repairs, cleaning or replacement

Gas Services – Repairs to existing lines and new installation (we are qualified gas fitters)

Water leaks and leaking pipes repair or replacement

Plumber Redfern short stories

Myles was still in the process of outfitting his new café when an Inspector appeared to check the progress. It was nerve racking, but at least he could quickly amend anything while the work was still being done! The kitchen was mostly complete; it was the front of house which was still holding them up. The painter had been really ill, which had held up all the furniture deliveries. The café was due to open in two weeks, but that start date was looking far too soon. He had his staff, he had his cooks and baristas and waitresses, but no completed café for them to train and work in. The Inspector looked around, checking everything, nodding and observing. He came back to Myles and said “you’ve forgotten something”. Myles’ heart sank. What new delay had just occurred? There was no backflow prevention device. A device Myles remembered his Plumber mentioning, but hadn’t paid much attention to. As soon as the Inspector left he was on the phone to the local Redfern Plumber who had helped fit out the kitchen and bathrooms. The Plumber arrived and provided his pricing for the job. He pointed out where the device could be installed. The device, he explained, stopped waste water flowing back into the clean water supply, contaminating everything and creating a severe health hazard. Myles agreed immediately and set the Plumber to work, wishing he’d paid more attention earlier. The job went smoothly, with the Plumber happy, as always, to answer any questions as Myles hovered over his shoulder. The job was completed that afternoon. Myles stared at the new device with satisfaction. The local Redfern Plumber had helped him out once again! For a local Plumber in Redfern call 0402 290 290 for any plumber issue, whether it’s an emergency, maintenance or repair. Your local Redfern Plumber is here to help!

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